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2016 Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash

It is with great sorrow that the Gascoyne Off Road Racing Club wishes to inform you that due to low confirmed entries the 2016 Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash will not be held as it is not economically viable.

This decision has not been made lightly, however it does give the committee the opportunity to reinvigorate the event.

All entry fees that have been paid will be reimbursed in full. Deb will be in touch to get your bank details and confirm the amounts paid.

Rest assured that this is not the end of the Gascoyne Dash and we will have exciting news for everyone in the near future.

The Gascoyne Off Road Racing Club would like to thank everyone for their support and we look forward to growing the relationship in the years to come.

The ADVENTURE continues!

Filthy Racing's 1st Dash

Posted on 02.10.2011

Filthy Racing is a husband and wife team or more correctly the wife and husband team of Tanya and Ian French with Tanya doing the driving and Ian the pointing.

Filthy Racing evolved out of an idea to get more participants in the entry level of off road racing almost two years ago, Tanya explains “Ian and I had noticed that a great amount of the spectator crowd was comprised of more women than men. We figured if we could encourage some of those female spectators to become more involved in the sport itself either in the driver capacity or navigator capacity it would swell our ranks and in turn, give the clubs the opportunity for more members for every facet of the sport.

The name ‘Filthy Racing’ was decided upon and so I sought out sponsors. It was really easy encouraging sponsors to assist a female based team in a male dominated sport.

We have linked up with Rusty and Jodie from ‘Real Balls Promotions’ to promote the sport throughout schools prior to events and we have been warmly received and very much enjoyed being a role model for the young kids and in particular the girls.

An 80 series Landcruiser was chosen as the donor vehicle and the plan was to keep it road registered to again highlight how easy ‘entry level’ is in off road racing. The car was stripped out, barred out, CAM’S up, new belts, seats, suspension and of course Yokohama tyres had the car looking the part but it was the extractors and the exhaust system that made it sound like a race car.
Ian chose an automatic, although a bit down on the horsepower it would give us less damage on the drive train and he figured I’d be busy enough in the driver’s seat without having to change gears. This was a good call as my confidence grew quickly with one less thing to concentrate on”.

Filthy Racing’s inaugural race was Yealering, it was hot and dusty and with the help of an air conditioner they outlasted the competition and picked up a credible 1st in class.

Apart from very much trying to get some wins under the belt, Tanya’s big aim is to promote this very exciting sport to encourage more women to participate and have a go, and to have a great time while doing so.

Fifthly Racing had a very credible 2010 debut season finishing number 3 nationally in the Class Seven division, a great first up effort against the cream of the production class competitors who incidentally aren’t female.

We asked Tanya what they were doing for their first Dash challenge “I have researched and understand that the Dash is a true desert race in its format, style and atmosphere and we have prepped the car the team accordingly and once Daniel at Works Automotive fixes the air conditioning we will be ready to go”.

Tanya acknowledges the support of my sponsors and my great appreciation;

Works Automotive – for getting my rev’s right
Kerr Engineering – For the great seat positioning
Filthy Clothing USA – For having me look good
French Bros Racing – for the off road know how
Aliclad Systems – for the good looking Navigator
Yokohama – for the round black things
Novus Windscreens – For Lookin out
ARB – For springs n things
And of course….
Lubrication by WA Cleanskin Cellars (to wash down the dust)

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