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2016 Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash

It is with great sorrow that the Gascoyne Off Road Racing Club wishes to inform you that due to low confirmed entries the 2016 Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash will not be held as it is not economically viable.

This decision has not been made lightly, however it does give the committee the opportunity to reinvigorate the event.

All entry fees that have been paid will be reimbursed in full. Deb will be in touch to get your bank details and confirm the amounts paid.

Rest assured that this is not the end of the Gascoyne Dash and we will have exciting news for everyone in the near future.

The Gascoyne Off Road Racing Club would like to thank everyone for their support and we look forward to growing the relationship in the years to come.

The ADVENTURE continues!

Flood brings one off race change in 2011

Posted on 01.07.2011

The 2010 Gascoyne River Flood has had a lasting effect on pastoral and horticultural operations in the region. The floods also caused infrastructure damage to several sporting clubs and unfortunately the Dash did not escape its share.

We are very lucky the Coonatha Race Complex is relatively unharmed. The race track has suffered some damage and we anticipate over 100 hours of heavy machinery work to make good damage on the Day One course around Bidgemia Station.

The region continues to receive rain and the Gascoyne River in many sections is inaccessible. The Club Board, after a recent extensive briefing from Event Director Paul Kelly, has adopted the Event Management recommendation to delete the Day Two section from Gascoyne Junction to Carnarvon and replace the section with another Day One Lap around Bidgemia Station.

The format in 2011 will be;
• Full Course Reconnaissance - Weekend of 22 October
• Registration - Thursday 28th October in Carnarvon
• Prologue - Friday 29th October in Carnarvon at Carnarvon Race Club
• Racing Day One - Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October - Bidgemia Station
• Racing Day Two - Sunday 31 October - Bidgemia Station
• Presentations - Sunday 31 October at Coonatha Race Complex - Bidgemia Station
The Day One course has been extended by 50 kilometres in the section from Pells to Coonatha and a further fuel stop will be added. The race total will be 430kms;
• Day One 240kms and 4 fuel stops
• Day Two 190kms and 3 fuel stops (same as "old" Day One)

For many competitors the change in 2011 could be the "silver lining" particularly for those that may have been daunted by the Day Two sprint down the Gascoyne River. The change should also make the 2011 Event attractive for more cars with only a bit of sand to be crossed.

Paul Kelly summarises the difficulties and considerations "It is now June and we have many competitors and teams booking accommodation in Carnarvon, we have the fuel logistics, we have track marking and we have ongoing rain. We have been very worried about making a later change that would have quite significant impact on many people and businesses so we have bitten the bullet. We know all our competitors, teams, sponsors, spectators and volunteers will understand the decision wasn't taken lightly. As a Club and organisation team we were committed to delivering the Dash in 2011 and the go decision was made in late January."

Also bear in mind the road from Carnarvon to Gascoyne Junction is now fully sealed and there is now only a short gravel section from the Junction to the Coonatha Race Complex. This makes the trip out far easier and makes a day trip from Carnarvon an option.

Where to now? The Supplementary regulations need to be re approved by the peak bodies and our web developer needs to make some minor changes to the fuel order section of online application. We expect entries to open by 15 July and a follow up newsletter will issue.

Any queries can be directed to our Event Director Paul Kelly.

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