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2016 Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash

It is with great sorrow that the Gascoyne Off Road Racing Club wishes to inform you that due to low confirmed entries the 2016 Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash will not be held as it is not economically viable.

This decision has not been made lightly, however it does give the committee the opportunity to reinvigorate the event.

All entry fees that have been paid will be reimbursed in full. Deb will be in touch to get your bank details and confirm the amounts paid.

Rest assured that this is not the end of the Gascoyne Dash and we will have exciting news for everyone in the near future.

The Gascoyne Off Road Racing Club would like to thank everyone for their support and we look forward to growing the relationship in the years to come.

The ADVENTURE continues!

2013 Committee Elected

Posted on 23.03.2013

The Gascoyne Offroad Racing Club hosted its 2013 Annual General Meeting at the Fascine Lodge Carnarvon this evening.

The meeting was reasonably attended by members and most Board positions were filled.

The 2013 Board of Management is lead by Paul Kelly – Chairperson/President
Ted Schultz – Immediate Past President
Brett Renton – Vice President
Secretary - vacant
Treasurer –Peter Barrett
Committee – Shane Bryan
Committee – Zane Mogg
Committee – Ian Howell
Committee - Rick Andreoli

Paul Kelly delivered the keynote address as President of the Gascoyne Offroad Racing Club and 2012 Dash Event Director;

In opening let us all celebrate the great achievements of the Club in 2012;

* Successfully hosted a small but great fun Tag Along Tour of the Day One Track on 14 to 15 July. We also had a heap of fun on the sign pulling day 17 November

* Successfully assisted the 2012 Australian Safari with members providing recovery and assistance on the beach run. Safari are keen to involve us in 2013

* Successfully hosted the 2012 Dash on the traditional day one and day two course after the changed format in 2011 post flood

* Successfully cut a new section of track on Doorawarrah; special thanks to Waddy and Shiney

* Successfully introduced the static display on registration Thursday to the front of the civic centre and Camel Lane

* Successfully re introduced the Dash street parade which was a hit with spectators and competitors alike

* Successfully increased the level and intensity of other entertainment on Thursday with street performers

* Very successful briefing which was very well received by new entrants; maybe a little long and something to refine this year

* Successfully implemented a Risk Management Plan to ISO; this plan was contingent to our Eventscorp funding and Section 91 licence from RDL. To my knowledge this is the first risk management plan to ISO in all of offroad racing in Australia; another first for the Club and Dash

* Successfully implemented a new track marking procedure where almost the entire course was plotted by the same team who mapped course which enabled track marking teams to simply put out signs where designated. The reports back in 2012 was the best track marking to date

* Successfully integrated the Western Patrol Club in 2012 Dash activities. This saw more than 10 cars and crew available to assist with recoveries and radio reporting

* Successfully “bloodied” some new key members of the Race Command team. The overall result achieved by Race Command in 2012 was a high pass from both MWA and CAMS; MWA advised it was the best run event to date.

* Successfully started documenting the Race Command processes; special thanks to Kim Epton.

* Successfully harnessed technology that saw wireless broadband available at Coona. Whilst limited to race command area it worked and we can consider having a hot point under the shade in 2013

* Successfully implemented a change to stop over format at Rocky Pool which saw the race finish on time; this change saw a paradigm broken and we had bikes finishing with cars. The atmosphere at the finish line with almost continuous action was fantastic and quite clear validation for the change

* Successfully implemented a volunteer complaint process following the Club becoming aware of the concerns of a volunteer which we later found were formally advised to CAMS. The process was managed in terms of the Club’s policies.

* The Dash took out the prestigious Gold Award at the 2012 WA Tourism Awards and progressed onto the Australian Tourism Awards as a finalist representing our state.

* 2011 Lonely Planet Dash episode broadcast in the UK during February 2013. The global reach of this production cannot be under estimated and is a clear indication of the strategic planning this Club and event is capable of; put simply the Dash does it better than any of our peers from the Finke down it certain aspects of our business

* We have submitted grant applications to Eventscorp and hope to be successful at one of two levels

o $100,000 funding for 2013 or

o $50,000 pa over 3 years

Well what a list of achievements and not over several years but just for 2012!!!!!!!! This is a high 5 moment

In 2013 I have worn two hats, that of the Club President and that of the Event Director. The challenges were essentially the same and were Dash centric (ask me what my words were on the weekend before the Dash flying over the new river section from the compressor station and finding the whole section flooded…almost as good as the words used when 3 cars were bogged behind the Junction checkpoint the same weekend)

The Dash centricity is a worrying ongoing reality - as to create a real club we need to have many more activities. The Tag Along Trip and advertised Sign Pull are steps in the right direction. I am disappointed to advise the talked about desert race in conjunction with the Gascoyne Music Festival in 2013 is a no starter. I do hope we can run this event in 2014 and will be seeking support to visit the Junction shortly to survey some track

I don’t wish to dwell on negatives but would like to simply state; It is too easy in a small town like Carnarvon to let the negativity of others rub off. Yes the Club and Event needs to improve certain aspects and in particular its profitability and volunteer retention to ensure sustainability – that is survivability at present. At the same time the list of achievements the Club attained in 2012 is simply fantastic and adding these achievements to everything else before it, our attainments are quite simply stellar – be proud of what you have achieved and don’t tolerate those narrow minded few.

We may have competition with an emerging event and race series in 2013; I consider these not competition but an opportunity to grow the desert racing family. Let’s be serious – the Dash does it better than almost anyone in Australian Offroad Sport. Let’s be even more serious – anyone who complains about our race course and event is just not made of the right stuff; to them go and compete easier events and build yourself up for the Challenge; as it is no disgrace to admit weakness.

Going forward we must actively encourage and seek support of our Club members and associates;

* Support the event at all levels and in all conversations

* Active contribution; to be sustainable we need more than just a small handful of people contributing; even if it is only a few hours or days more than you contribute at the moment

To meet a deficit from 2012 the Club will call on members to contribute a small loan to clear outstanding accounts. This loan should be repaid towards the end of 2013.

Thank you to my 2012 fellow Board Members for a job well done. Thank you to my 2012 Dash Team – you delivered the best event yet.

I thank each and every Dash family member for your trust and support and I look forward to your ongoing support and contribution in whatever role you entrust me with.

Thank you to our sponsors Eventscorp; Government of Western Australian – Department of Regional Development and Lands, Royalties for Regions, Gascoyne Development Commission, Shires of Carnarvon and Upper Gascoyne, Skippers. Carnarvon Holiday Resort – Fascine Lodge, Junction Contracting Services (Shiney) and all our other sponsors.

Thank you to our land owners The McTaggart’s of Bidgemia Station who again were invaluable in their assistance and support (they are even breeding desert racers – will see Barnie at the start line in 2030!!). Jimba Station, Doorawarrah Station; thanks Waddie, Jen and family for your assistance including rescuing the bogged event director, Brickhouse Station – thanks Paull for your magic with the comms. Thanks also to Shire of Carnarvon and Upper Gascoyne who truly see the value in the event.

And finally a huge thanks to our legion of volunteers and their families.

Paul Kelly – 2012 President/Event Director

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